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Ways to Boost Your Mood

March 08, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
We’re going to experience ups and downs as we journey through life. The happiest of days won’t last, but neither will the harder, more challenging times. If you’re feeling down right now because life is difficult, there are ways you can improve your mood to help get you through the rough patch.
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Respiratory Infections in Older Adults

March 03, 2022 Health & Safety
Experts say pneumonia, seasonal flu, and other bacterial and viral respiratory infections are responsible for 60% of all hospitalizations among older adults—and did you know that a million older adults die each year from these illnesses?
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Infographic: 6 Great Reasons to Spend More Time With Others

February 24, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
Neurologists say the desire for connections with others is as powerful as hunger and thirst! This has been a challenge for many older adults during the pandemic. But avoiding loneliness should still be a top priority.
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Go Ahead, Watch Another Cat Video!

February 22, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
A recent study showed that retired seniors who go online perform better on tests of memory and thinking. Internet use can be great brain exercise. While seniors can face barriers to going online, and some pitfalls when they get there, family can help make it a good experience.
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Preventing Vision Loss

February 17, 2022 Health & Safety
A decline in vision is common with aging, so it’s important to know the types of vision loss older adults may experience and how to avoid vision loss in your later years.
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5 Tips to Stay Connected With Friends

February 15, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
For older adults, who were already at increased risk of experiencing loneliness prior to the pandemic, it’s important to make a more concerted effort to stay in touch with loved ones. Here are five ways you can maintain friendships from afar.
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4 Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

February 10, 2022 Health & Safety
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the U.S. If you want to lessen your risk, these four lifestyle changes could help.
senior-woman-giving-thumbs-up-motivation senior-woman-giving-thumbs-up-motivation

The Role of Motivation in Healthy Aging

February 08, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
There are so many things we can do to improve our odds of experiencing physical, financial and social health in our later years. Yet it can be hard to motivate ourselves to eat well, get enough exercise, and follow our doctor’s recommendations. Gerontologists say focusing on goals can keep us on track.
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Helping Your Older Loved One Identify Community Resources

February 03, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
If you’ve just become a family caregiver to a senior loved one, learn about some of the community resources that can help as you settle into your new role.
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Loneliness Among Older Adults Is a Serious Health Risk

February 01, 2022 Family & Loved Ones
Numerous studies show how loneliness profoundly affects the mental, emotional and physical health of older people. This is a problem which is as important to address as any other health challenge, say experts.

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